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Circle Casting 3 Week Series

Before doing any magical work, ritual, healing or spell casting it is always a good idea to create or prepare a magical space. Circle casting is one of the most fundamental rituals a new Witch can learn. A sacred circle plays a significant role in containing and intensifying magical energies, as well as keeping out potential unwanted little nasties, like hostile psychic entities and negative energies. 

In this 3 week workshop we will cover general magical preparation, such as self-preparation, cleansing the area, and casting circle. We will practice raising energy and basic spell casting, as well as the ritual of cakes and ale. 

Class participation is a fundamental aspect of this workshop, so plan on raising some energy and doing a little spell casting. Informative handouts and worksheets will be provided each week and a minimal amount of homework may be expected. 

Class will at the same time every week for three weeks.

This class is being held offsite - NOT at EBN.

Space is limited so please register in advance. Visit the Elements of Magick website to register online or call 336.543.0834

Date: Sunday, September 1
Time: 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM
Cost: $75

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