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Psychometry by Gill Haynes

Psychometry is when the energy of an object is read. One can sense images, emotions, hear sounds, and sometimes receive smells and taste, giving an all-embracing history of the object or place being read.

Additionally psychometry can be a very useful skill in collecting information and connecting with someone who has transitioned (deceased) however, there is no guarantee that someone who has, will come through. It is most useful to Antiquarians (people who study or collect antiques), Historians, Geologists, etc.

Gill has a quiet and reserved personality however, he is very personable and engaging. Gill uses his gift of psychometry to gather information such as personality, past, present and possible future of the object or location being read.

Readings are $25.00 for 20 minutes.. Longer appointments are available by request Call Eclectic By Nature to reserve your spot, (336) 373-0733.

Please bring pen and paper to take down any notes and please come with questions prepared.

Date: Sunday, October 15
Time: 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM
Cost: See above

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