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Intuitive Readings with Cindy

I am a Shaman, a facilitator who can help others achieve a new mind state with Intuitive Energy Movement for Improving Your Life. My focus is on Heart, Mind and Body Integration. A simple energetic change in our response, behavior or perspective can do so much to clear and resolve issues.

When you work with me, I allow the intuitive energy to flow, only sharing what is given to me by my Spirit Team. You are a creative individual and whatever you focus your mind on will come to pass. Energetically integrating the change you wish to see in yourself and in the world around you is a matter of acknowledging those aspects that you wish to modify. Change begets change. The results you so passionately want to realize are well within the realm of possibility.

All things, living and inanimate, possess an energetic force; I will physically tune into your vibration and react to the energies that are unseen. After discussion, the choices are yours, now let’s energetically do something about it.

My goal is always to leave people energetically better off than when they arrived.

Intuitive Readings are $25 for 20 minutes, $50/40 min or $75/60 min. Call the shop to reserve your time.

Date: Wednesday, December 4
Time: 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Cost: see above

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