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Intuitive Readings by Cindy

**Please bring a mask or face covering to wear during your reading**

I am a Shaman, a Spiritual Intuitive Coach, and I use Intuitive Energy Movement to facilitate consciousness within my clients. My intention for each new session is to awaken you to more possibility, more choice, and more life.  


We all have a tendency to put focus on thoughts, feelings, and emotions that cause us to limit our potential and ourselves. What if today could be the beginning of something different?


Book a session with me and let’s start talking about the ways in which we can positively alter and expand your energy field, opening the door to greater personal power, opportunity, and choice.


A session with me will look like this:  We sit knee to knee.  I begin by physically tuning into your vibration, allowing the Intuitive energy to flow as I read your energy field, only sharing what is given to me by my Spirit Team. I will ask you to share what you perceive from your perspective. Then, as we discuss, I will integrate what I saw in your energy field. I will choose a pendulum for energy movement, this will give you the “push” that you need to step into creating the life that you want to live, realizing all things are possible all the time and you have total control.


My goal is always to leave people energetically better off than when they arrived.

Intuitive Readings are $25 for 20 minutes, $50/40 min or $75/60 min. Call the shop to reserve your time.

Date: Wednesday, December 8
Time: 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Cost: see above

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