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Shaman Intuitive Spiritual Coach Readings with Cindy

I will encourage you to acknowledge the energy within, connect mind and heart centers, and with a pendulum, repurpose the energy in your field to what you want.

I am a Shaman, an Intuitive Spiritual Coach.  I look into the energy field for the purpose of observing beyond ordinary time and space reality, solving problems that couldn’t be resolved using ordinary awareness or the five senses.  When I enter the spirit world, I interact with your spirit helpers. These non-physical beings exist beyond the physical world and are a source of healing, guidance and wisdom. My spirit team helps me to understand what lies beyond ordinary human understanding and then we use that to shift, transform or heal what is occurring on the physical plane.

Tuning into your auric field, I share highly detailed & accurate information through a range of clairvoyance and  clairaudience.  Sharing information that is normally hidden creates a shift in awareness, opening to unimagined possibilities, giving insight to new experiences.  Offering guidance and tools, motivating clients to acknowledge and face the challenges that they are experiencing.

In a session, nobody relinquishes his or her personal power. Every individual is ultimately responsible for his or her own decisions. The input from the intuitive guidance simply provides a different perspective and a broader view so that the actions and decisions can be as informed as possible.

Intuitive Readings are $25 for every 15 minutes. Call to reserve your time.

Date: Wednesday, June 26
Time: 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Cost: $25 for every 15 minutes

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