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Ritual Guidelines

1. Sweep ritual area with besom/Smudge space and members with sage.

This is done to clear the space of any unwanted energies. The intent is to create sacred space for the ritual to be carried out in.

2. Salt & Water purification

The sacred water is created to bless the altar and items on it. It can also be used to cast the circle.

3. Cast/Close the Circle

A circle is "drawn" with athame, wand, or finger to define the sacred space in which the ritual will be performed. The circle is actually a bubble or sphere, "as above, so below." Inside the circle the energy that is created is held until released. Members must remain inside the circle so as not to weaken it and disperse the energy. Start in the East or North.

4. Call the Quarters

Each direction (North, East, South, and West) are called upon to join the circle. This is when each member can embody each element (Earth, Air, Fire, and Water) and feel its forces working through him/her. The elements are invited, not commanded. Candles of corresponding colors can be lit to represent the presence of each element.

5. Invoke Deity

The Goddess and God are called upon to witness and protect the ritual about to be performed. This is an opportunity for members to feel the Goddess or God in himself/herself. The Goddess and God are invited, not commanded. Candles of silver for Goddess and gold for God can be lit to represent the presence of Deity.

6. Ritual

This is the time where spells are cast, items consecrated, prayers are offered, healings performed, etc...

7. Power Raising

This is when the cone of power is raised to send out the energy of the rituals just performed. Energy can be raised by dancing, chanting, spinning, etc... Continue until you can feel the energy. This may be a tingling sensation, a heaviness or lightness of limbs, or an inner knowing.

8. Ground and Center

The members are lead on a quick meditation/visualization to connect with the Earth's energy so that when the Cone of Power is raised, each member uses the energy from the Earth and not simply one's own energy. This is to increase the power available and to keep from exhausting the members.

9. Blessing of the Cakes and Ale

Doesn't have to literally be cakes and ale. This is a time of replenishment and thanksgiving. The blessing ceremony mimics the joining of the Goddess and God. Similar to the communion ceremonies in churches.

10. Thanking/Dismissing Deity

Self explanatory. Snuff candles if necessary.

11. Thanking/Dismissing the Quarters

Self explanatory. Snuff candles if necessary.

12. Opening the Circle

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