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Natural remedies for itchy skin and insect bites

(1) According to well-known herbalist Susun Weed "I don't know of any itch that can stand up to plantain." It stops the itch and pulls the bug's toxins out of your skin. Take a leaf and chew it or crush it and put it on the itch for virtual, instant relief. (2) Oats soothe irritated skin while also drawing out any remaining toxins. Make a big pot of soupy oatmeal, strain it into the tub or put the cooked oats in a sock or muslin bag and drop this into tepid or cool water, not hot. Or grind up oat flakes, make a cold paste and smear it on the affected skin. (3) Mix bentonite clay with salt, white vinegar and a few drops of peppermint essential oil, apply to the affected skin area. (4) Slice open an onion and rub it on the bite, the onion's detoxifying sulphur compounds help neutralize the poison of the bite or venom of the sting and reduce inflammation.

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