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Creating a Money Altar

So you say you want more money in your life (and your pocket!) Well one step in that direction is a money altar. This is a step I use in my home and work and is also recommended by Catherine Yronwode of Lucky Mojo fame.

There are an infinite number of ways to construct your altar. Here is an opportunity to let your creativity fly. You don't have to spend a lot of money to create your altar, however I believe the more you put into it over time, the more you get back.

You will need a flat surface to place your altar items on. This should be a place where cats, kids and other people are not likely to disturb your sacred space of abundance. The bigger the better, I say, but whatever space you have will work. Make sure the space is clean and you might even want to go as far as using some white sage to energetically clear the space. Plus it's just a great way to set the mood for creating your new sacred space.

First, the foundation. You can place any type of cloth (sarong, hankie, scrap material, etc...) that says "WEALTH" to you. You can also paint the surface gold or green. Get creative! Next you place your items on the altar in any way you see fit. I will give a list of possible items below. If you have a suggestion to add to the list, please email me. Feel free to send me pictures of your altar too. I love to see people's creations.

Lodestone w/ magnetic sand


any type of "play" money

foreign currency

Lucky Hand Root

Alligator foot

Nan Kwoc statue

Maneki Neko statue

St. Martin Caballero candle, holy card or statue

St. Expedite holy card

Sand dollar

any money drawing oils

gold dishes to hold items

tiny cash register

Oil lamp filled with green lamp oil and pyrite

Chinese golden carp figurines

actual paper money (sitting under your lodestone)

candles (7-day jar candles, prepared money drawing candles, green or gold candles)

Citrine stones

Treasure chest

And remember to tend to your altar. It is a living thing, not some decoration to gather dust. Light your candles and say the 23rd Psalm. Add money when you can and give thanks. Give your lodestone some food (magnetic sand.) Your altar will need cleaning also. Perhaps on the Summer & Winter Solstices.

If you need more information, additional help or more information about increasing prosperity in your life, please contact us at the shop.

You can see images of money altars on our Yahoo Group photo page.


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