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Abundance Affirmations


I am expecting and receiving miracles.

I release all subconscious barriers to financial and

personal success.

I am an excellent money manager.

I always pay myself first.

I put money into my financial freedom fund everyday.

My money works efficaciously for me and makes me more

and more money.

I earn enough passive income to pay for my desired


I am financially free. I work because I choose to, not

because I have to.

My part time-business is managing and investing my

money and creating streams of passive income.

My inner world creates my outer world.

Everything in my life is a choice. I choose to be

wealthy, healthy, joyous, peaceful and loving. I always have a sense of humor and access to divine Guidance.

I create my life. I create the exact amount of my

financial success.

My intention is to create wealth and abundance, to

share it, and to inspire and empower others to do the


I admire and model rich and successful people.

I belief money is important. Money is freedom and

makes life more enjoyable. Money assists me in

bringing forth my full potential and mission.

I am a confident and powerful magnet for financial

abundance and prosperity.

Everyday, in every way I am becoming wealthier,

healthier, happier, and freer.

It is fun and easy to make a lot of money.

I deserve prosperity. I deserve to be rich. I am

wealthy, happy, healthy and whole. I use my success

to be of loving, joyful service to all of creation.

I am enthusiastically creating and stepping into my

financial freedom.

I am destined to have an abundance of love, joy,

harmony and prosperity in my life.

I create abundance doing what I love.

I deserve to be wealthy and rich because I add value

to other people’s lives.

I am a generous giver and an excellent receiver. Each,

are equally important.

I am truly grateful for all the money I have now.

Lucrative, exciting, and prosperous opportunities

always come my way.

I live in unlimited, luscious abundance: more and more

effortlessly flows to me with ease and grace.

My highest desires and intentions are manifesting now.

My capacity to earn, hold and grow money increases and

expands each and every day.

I am a blessing to myself and all of creation.

I gratefully allow and receive abundance and

prosperity into every area of my life – easily and


I am worthy and deserving of prosperity, abundance,

joy and love.

Money and prosperity flow into my life from many

different sources.

I earn passive income to enjoy a prosperous and loving


I enthusiastically create and step into my financial

and spiritual freedom.

I am living in infinite, luscious wealth, and joyfully

share it.

I expect and receive miracles.

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