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'Secret' Ingredients Revealed

Ever wonder where you're going to find bat's wings or dragon scales for that potion you've been wanting to concoct? Well your search may end closer to home than you thought...at your local nursery. Potion ingredients weren't always what they seemed. Herbs and plants were often called what they looked like and were often written as such. Here are a few translations. More will be added as they are uncovered. Please feel free to e-mail any additions you have.

Dead Man - Ash or mandrake root carved in a crude human shape or poppet

Adder's tongue - Plantain

Bat's wing - Holly leaf

Bat's wool - Moss

Blood - Elder sap

Bloody fingers - Foxglove

Bodily fluids - Houseleek

Brains - Congealed gum from a cherry tree

Bull's blood - Horehound

Corpse candles - Mullein

Crocodile dung - Black earth

Dragon's scales - Bistort leaves

Ear of an ass - Comfrey

Ear of a goat - St. John's Wort

Eyes - Eyebright

Fingers - Cinquefoil

Hair - Maidenhair fern

Heart - Walnut

Lion's Tooth - Dandelion

Skull - Skullcap

Snake's blood - Hematite stone

Tooth or teeth - Pinecones

Unicorn horn - True unicorn root

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