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Candles and Colors

Cranberry Red - Love, Passion, Courage (1st Chakra)

Orange - Strength, Success, Joy (2nd Chakra)

Yellow - Clairvoyance, Communication (3rd Chakra)

Green - Healing, Prosperity (4th Chakra)

Blue - Meditation, Tranquility (5th Chakra)

Purple - Spirituality, Intuition (6th Chakra)

White - Purity, Protection (7th Chakra)

Black - Absorbs Negative Energy (1st Chakra)

Pink - Emotional Love, Harmony (4th Chakra)

Apple Green - Emotional Healing, Protection (4th Chakra)

Silver Blue - Deep Wisdom, The Moon (5th Chakra)

Red/Cherry - Self-Love, Friendship (2nd Chakra)

Apricot - Gentle Strength and Joy (2nd Chakra)

Lavender - Intuition, Dignity, Spiritual Shield (7th Chakra)

For more info about candle colors and magic visit the Lucky Mojo link below.


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