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Angelica Root

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Category: Herbs, Botanicals & Minerals
ANGELICA: (Angelica archangelica) also called "Angel's Food". This three-year "biennial" has a taproot, divided leaves, and umbels of green-white flowers in its third year, and then it seeds and dies. Crushed leaves in car interiors reduce travel nausea. The oil is distilled from the root or seeds. Used in infusion or tincture, the root raises body temperature and promotes digestion, making it an ideal herb for older folks. It also helps bring down the menses. Use it for colds and flu, to induce a sweat and warm the body. The decoction of the dried root is said to remove the taste for alcohol. Simmer two teaspoons of the root in two cups of water for twenty minutes; take one cup twice a day. Caution: Do not exceed the indicated amounts, or the heart, blood pressure, and respiration can be affected. Use the root in salves for skin problems and rheumatic pains. The tincture can be used in doses of ten to thirty drops, four times a day.

Parts Used: Root, essential oil and seeds

Magical Use: Sprinkle crushed leaves around the 4 corners of a house to ward negativity and purify the home, burn for meditation, protection, divination, exorcism, healing/health and visions. The leaves can be smoked in herbal "tobacco" formulas. (Oil) Use for anointing. Angelica is a plant whose name has been surrounded by myths and legends for centuries. It's Latin name is Angelica Archangelica, and it is said to bloom every year on May 8, the feast day of The Archangel Michael. It is bound to the Venus and to fire.

Angelica is used magically as an herb for protection and exorcism. Grow it in the garden to protect the home. Make necklaces of the leaves, or carry the root in your pocket for protection. The dried leaves are burned in exorcism rituals.

To ward off evil spirits inside the home, sprinkle in all four corners of the house. This, and the burning of the leaves within the home, is also said to give a joyful outlook to the residents of the home.

Aromatherapy Use: Coughs, Colds, Fevers, Flatulence, Indigestion, Skin Care, Circulation. Do not use during pregnancy or if diabetic.

Cut and sifted.

Cost is per ounce

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