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Bloodroot, whole (Wildcrafted)

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Price: $11.00
Category: Herbs, Botanicals & Minerals
Sanguinaria canadensis

Magic lore: Bloodroot may be carried or worn for love. It is also carried to avert evil spells and negativity. This is particularly effective when carried in bag with a blue stone as protection from evil spells. Place it near doors and windows to protect the home, or sprinkle it near doors and windows to block entry of evil or hexes. To turn a spell back on its caster, throw a piece of bloodroot onto his or her doorstep.

Medical Indications: (Caution: While large doses are mildly sedative, an overdose of bloodroot is fatal. Though used in very small dosages, primarily as an expectorant, both the juice and root are extremely caustic and can destroy any tissue to which they are applied. In toxic doses, poisoning causes symptoms of intense thirst, a burning stomach, vomiting, faintness, vertigo, and dimness of eyesight.)

Price is per ounce.

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