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Burdock Root (Organic)

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Price: $2.75
Category: Herbs, Botanicals & Minerals
Arctium lappa Also known as: Bardana, Beggar's Buttons, Burrseed, Clotbur, Cockleburr, Great Burdock, Happy Major, Hardock, Purification, protection, ward off negativity, protection from magic, healing. Cast around the home to ward off negativity. Add to protection incenses and use in such spells. String the root pieces on red thread like beads and wear for protection against evil and negativity. The leaves, when laid to the soles of the feet, help to cure gout. Boil in water and let cool. Use as a floor wash for purifying areas were rituals are to be held. Sprinkle in all four corners of the room during ritual. You can carry in a white flannel bag for protection or add to mojo bags for extra strength. Herb is cut & sifted. Price is per ounce.

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