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Dittany of Crete

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Price: $11.50
Category: Herbs, Botanicals & Minerals
(Origanum dictamnus)

Magickal Uses: When burned is an excellent base for manifestations of spirits, the wriths appear in the smoke. Mixed with equal parts of vanilla, benzoin and sandalwood to make an astral projection incense. Dittany is a hard-to-find herb that is often called for in ancient incense recipes. It has a reputation for enhancing manifestations when performing evocation, and for increasing one's ability to Astral Project. It was also used in the Classical World for healing wounds. A member of the Oregano family, Dictamnus is very fragrant. It is wonderful in incense blends or by itself. This Dittany is grown in America, not Crete - hence the different scientific name.

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