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Valerian Root (Organic)

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Category: Herbs, Botanicals & Minerals
Valeriana wallichii Valerian is bound to Venus and water. It has been a well-known herb for centuries in medicine as far as being a helpful a sleep aid and nerve calmer. It's not surprising, then, that it is also used magickally for sleep. It is also used for protection, purification, consecration, love, and harmony rituals and spells.

For protection from evil and magick, use Valerian in sachets, amulets, or talismans and carry it with you. Sachets placed around the home help protect the home from lightening strikes. Placed in a dream pillow, it protects against nightmares, and taken as a Tea, it promotes peaceful sleep. A few leaves placed in the shoes protect against colds and flu.

Valerian is a frequent ingredient in love and harmony spells and potions, including spells for sexual love. It has a relaxing effect when taken in a Tea, and as such can be used in massage or sex magick. Leaves or amulets in the immediate vicinity help restore harmony to quarreling couples. To find out if your love is reciprocated, bend a plant in the direction of their home. If the plant continues to grow in that direction, you are loved in return. Growing the plant on your property ensures harmony with your spouse.

Valerian stalks can be dried and soaked in tallow or oil, then used as a torch for spells and rituals. The torch can then be used to light sacred fires. Meditation in the light of a torch improves clarity for a given situation.

Valerian is a cleansing herb, and can be used to purify ritual spaces and consecrate incense burners. For self purification, use as a tea during the purification period.

Lastly, Valerian can be substituted for "graveyard dust" in black magick. Graveyard dust is used in conjuring ghosts to do your bidding. It enhances any curse or hex you place, and used alone as a hex, it can be cast upon your enemy's pathway or steps, or placed in a red bag and buried on your enemy's property to bring evil upon them. To prevent unwanted visitors, sprinkle powdered herb on your front stoop and say their name. For eliminating troubles, write the trouble on parchment paper, then burn and mix the ashes with powdered herb, then bury.

Cut and sifted. Price is per ounce

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