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Nettle Leaf - Organic

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Price: $2.25
Category: Herbs, Botanicals & Minerals
Latin name: Urtica dioica

Folk Names: Ortiga Ancha, Stinging Nettle Gender: Masculine Planet: Mars Element: Fire Deities: Thor Powers: ; Protection, Exorcism, Healing, Lust. Magical Uses: To remove a curse or send it back, stuff a poppet with nettle or carry it in a sachet. Sprinkle nettle around the house to keep evil out and to send it back. Hold nettle in your hand to ward of ghosts, carry it with yarrow to allay fear and wear it as an amulet to keep negativity far away. Nettle has also been used as a lust inducing herb.

Cut and sifted. Price is per ounce

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