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Mini Candle

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Price: $0.30
Category: Candles
Colors Available: Black, White, Red, Pink, Orange, Green, Blue, Purple, Yellow. Lavender, Light Blue
Mini Candles ~ Chime Candles Unscented 4" Mini Candles These mini candles are the perfect size for angel chimes and are unscented! They are also a must in spellcraft supplies. 4 inch mini candles are just right for use in many magic spells, too! You can also send healing or loving energy to someone, or connect to your higher power, guardian angel, or spirit helper, using mini candles. Mini candles are great as large birthday candles, or for making a cozy romantic atmosphere for an intimate evening. Mini candles are great for divination time, too! Candle Details: Our 4 inch mini candles are unscented and burn from about 45 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the environment. Each mini candle is 4" tall and just about 1/2" wide. The candle wicks are zinc-free.

Price is per each candle. Some candle colors may be out of stock from time to time as there is only 1 manufacturer. Please indicate color preference(s) when ordering.

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