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Golden Mean Chakra Balancing Quilt and Pillows Set

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Price: $420.00
Category: Chakra Tools
The standard three piece set includes: 100% cotton Quilt, 68" x 42" Organic buckwheat and lavender filled Eye Pillow, 7.75" x 4.78" with removable cotton cover Crown Pillow, 14"x 8.6" with removable cotton cover The quilt is designed so that as it is placed upon the body each color aligns with the chakra that resonates with that particular color and covers chakras 1 through 5. The indigo eye pillow covers the 6th chakra, and the violet crown pillow rests under the head for balancing of the 7th chakra. The dimensions of the quilt, eye pillow, and crown pillow all adhere to the principles of sacred geometry as do the crystal pockets and quilted grids on the quilt. Each individually crafted set is infused with the healing energies of Reiki and the intention that its use serves the highest good. The combination of colors, sacred geometry, and intention provides an incredible influence on the body's subtle energy fields, helping to bring the chakras into balance. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery Custom sizes and individual components are also available.

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