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My Brag Book

This is what people are saying about me and Eclectic by Nature.  I would love to have your comments about my shop or me.  Please feel free to email them to me at tavane@eclecticbynature.com.

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August 2004 from Kelley: "Good Morning! I wanted to take a minute to tell you something about my recent visit in your store. It was, in a word, great! My best friend (who is my roommate) and I came in a few weeks ago, browsed and each got henna tattoos. Now, my best friend is very introverted, quiet and does not open up to anyone, especially people she has never met before. She opened right up to you and Tamara (is that right?). I could not believe it! I have known her for 15 years and have NEVER seen her start talking to someone like that! She felt completely at ease with you. The point I am trying to make is, that we both felt so welcome in your store and felt like we had known you all our lives! Reading your updates and newsletters I still feel that way. I was so impressed with how comfortable you made both of us and cannot wait to come back and visit! I love the store, and wanted to tell you how great the experience was and how wonderful I think you and Tamara are! People like you are the reason both of us started exploring Wicca and other areas. Thank you so much! See ya soon!"

August 2004 from Justin: "Hello, I just wanted to write you to tell you how good of a job I think you are doing. I am in High Point and I feel lucky that someone as friendly as you are opened up a shop. I noticed how it was like you made it a point to walk and talk to each and every "guest" in your shop. I say guest because the couple of times I came into your shop thats exactly what I felt like, a "guest" I will be coming back in to see you soon, thanks. Sincerely, Justin 20, High Point, NC"

July 2004 from AMoonPriestess: "Eclectic By Nature is the place that I go to to "GET AWAY FROM IT ALL!" Each visit is so so great! I am greeted promptly by a warm, caring and smiling Tavane! I always get one of her loving hugs! A huge plus! Her store is AWESOME! I go into the shop at the least once a month, each month I leave with lots of Goodies, a tummy full of GREAT tea and a smile on my face!

Tavane spreads positivity, she beams of positive energy and it dominoes into her customers! Such a sweetie!

Over the last year, I have grown so much and learned so much! I have met interesting people that I would never have met, had it not been for Tavane and Eclectic By Nature! I am so glad that Divinity brought me there! As long as the doors are open for business, I will be a loyal customer!

A great place to be! Namaste! AMoonPriestess )O("

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