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My Brag Book

This is what people are saying about me and Eclectic by Nature.  I would love to have your comments about my shop or me.  Please feel free to email them to me at tavane@eclecticbynature.com.

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In The Spotlight magazine October 2003

Eclectic By Nature by W.C. Jones

Eclectic: (adj.)Composed of material gathered from vrious sources, systems, etc.

Hitch up your Goddess Undies, fire up your cinnamon broom, and materialize at Greensboro's premier emporium, for those of you that celebrate the diversity that is in everyone, Eclectic By Nature.

I spent some time recently with owner Tavane Taylor at her shop that, as she said, "Is a mixture of the sacred and of humor," and I enjoyed every minute.

"This shop is about exploring new things," Tavane said "It's about honoring Earth and peacefulness."

Tavane supports as many local and regional artists as possible, and their works adorn every square inch of space in there. From T-shirts to stained glass and custom-blended soaps, it's an adventure for all your senses.

One of the more predominant displays are the herbs. Tavane explained to me that each herb has its own energy to it, and by blending the appropriate herbs in specific amounts, they will create a desired energy. From these blends she makes among other things, "Dream Pillows" - which enhances the sleeping/dreaming process, sachets and specialty teas. I shared a cup of Faerie's Kiss tea with Tavane and I have a new perspective of teas created with the blend of herbs, dandelions, and a hint of catnip.

From gourmet chocolates, silver and gemstone jewelry, handmade candles and incense, to cat-lover gifts and crystals, there's something for everyone here.

However the highlight of my first visit were the Crystal Bowls. Crystal Bowls are created by a high temperature fusion process using pure, powdered silica sand. The large bowls made of this Quartz Crystal are tapped and the rubbed around the circumference with a rubber tipped dowel. The vibrations and sounds emitted are said to metaphysically heal you. I will admit I was a bit skeptical, but when that bowl started ringing I definitely felt something going on. You need to go there and feel it for yourself. Classes are held there with each person using a bowl of a different pitch.

Speaking of classes, Eclectic By Nature has an exhaustive list of classes that cover every aspect of the alternative community. Stop by and pick up a schedule of coming events.

So if you feel that it's time that your Yin and Yang get a much needed tune-up or you're just in the mood to explore the unique and unusual gifts that Tavane has to offer, I suggest you stop in and enjoy a cup of tea. Experience the magic that's Eclectic By Nature.

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