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My Brag Book

This is what people are saying about me and Eclectic by Nature.  I would love to have your comments about my shop or me.  Please feel free to email them to me at tavane@eclecticbynature.com.

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May 2004 from Brandon: "Thank you for bringing such a friendly and loving atmosphere to Greensboro. Your kindness and hard work is such an inspiration to my friends and I. It is an honor to come into your shop to learn and meet people that are so friendly. You and your store are gifts to this city and they were discovered by us at just the right time. Your shop has been a place of learning, love, and fun, and I always look forward to walking in."

Greensboro News & Record , March 21, 2004

Eclectic by Nature helps customers experience new ideas, products
by Patrick Collins

Every hour her store is open, Tavane Taylor is helping to celebrate diversity. In a nutshell, that's what her downtown metaphysical shop, Eclectic by Nature, is all about.

From Christianity to Buddhism to paganism, tools for virtually all roads to spiritual enrichment are made available.

"There are a lot of spiritual paths that are represented," Taylor says. "Sometimes people don't feel like they can come in and talk about things like that in other places, whereas here it's totally accepted."

Taylor uses about 25 different distributors to make Eclectic by Nature, well, eclectic. Some of the more popular products available are incense, natural aromatherapy products and hard-to-find flower essence oils that one can use as a remedy for foul moods or as catalysts for good ones. Eclectic also offers statues of goddesses, books on witchcraft - which Taylor emphasizes is nothing like the Hollywood version - and even quite a few imaginative, alternative greeting cards, just in case you've had it with Hallmark

Eclectic also offers classes and get-togethers, such as weekend tarot readings by prominent spiritual teachers, as well as crystal bowl healing sessions. In these classes, large, graphite bowls are used to create vibrations specifically tuned to different areas of the body for therapeutic and meditation purposes.

Taylor opened Eclectic by Nature in December, 2002 after she moved to Greensboro from Florida, where she had managed a metaphysical shop and dabbled in Internet business. While the store attracts many from the "fringe of society," as Taylor puts it, Eclectic by Nature is meant to benefit everyone, even the average Joe, who may be reluctant to consider alternative means of self-improvement and spiritual enlightenment.

"It is a place where people can come and experience new ideas," she says, - noting that the products and classes available through Eclectic may help people improve their professional work or relationships at home.

Most products in the store make unique gift ideas for a friend or loved one. They, along with many other products not available at the store, can be purchased through Eclectic's Web site, EclecticbyNature.com. Taylor says that on the weekend people from as far as Virginia come down to browse the store - just one sign that both diversity and Eclectic By Nature are flourishing.

Says Taylor, "Every month has been better than the month before."

Eclectic By Nature is located at 103 East Market St. between Elm and Davie Streets. Hours of operation are Wednes days-Saturdays, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m and Sundays, 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. For more infor mation, call (336) 272-0010 or visit their Web site at www.eclecticbynature.com.

February 2004 from Joy J. "I meant to e-mail you earlier, but I wanted to say how much I enjoyed visiting your store. It was great to be around some like minded people and actually find the items I need. I'll be sure and return, as the 45 minute trip from Durham is certainly worth it. I havent seen such hospitality since I was in the Middle east, not as military, but with a Peace team. I'd always be offered a cup of tea when visiting one's home."

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